Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Car During Winter

More than summer, winter could cause more challenges to you to maintain your car in a perfect way. For many car owners, salted streets, roads filled with ice, snow and unbearable minus freezing temperatures could cause a lot of worry about car driving and also about its maintenance. If you are one who loves your car but worried about how can you take well care about your car during the difficult winter months? Here are few simple car care tips to make sure that your car stays in great shape.


Have a good Lighting:

In winter, it is common that sunsets earlier in the day and because of this driving on winter evenings, obviously need more lightening. To have a safe journey during winter, first of all, you have to make sure that all of your car’s lights are in great shape and are good enough to provide as brightest illumination as possible. If your car has any bulb problem, then fix it before winter arrives. During winter, if snow covers your car exterior light, then remove it before you go for your next ride. If your car headlights are little foggy or if they appear in yellow colour immediately replace them or have an easy restoration kit as soon as possible.

Take care of your car battery:

Many machines often get stuck in winter due to cold temperature and same happens with your car battery too during the winter. For car battery, it is more difficult to operate in winter that is in cold temperature rather than in warm temperature. Because of this, a battery that often turns weak in summer can probably become a dead battery during winter. So it is always better to have a volt test on your car battery to confirm it is working well before the winter starts. If your car battery fails the test, then change the battery as soon as possible so that you will not face a problem with your car starting during the winter month and no need to worry about being left in a cold parking.

Maintain the coolant:

Antifreeze also called as a coolant, is the main thing you need to have in your car during winter. This coolant keeps your car engine away from freezing because of cold temperatures. Before the winter season arrives, make sure that your car has perfect coolant. As any leak in vehicle’s engine can cause coolant to drain out, you must be sure that there is no leakage in your car engine. It is preferred to use 50/50-mix of water and coolant in the car radiators, as using both water and coolant causes lower engine freezing point compared to the case when coolant alone is used. 

Check out defroster in your car:

Before a severe winter or snowfall starts, check out the condition of car’s window defroster and also check whether its climate control system is working or not as they are main things in your car that help you to be warm in the winter and that can help your car windows from fogging up.  Defroster will let your windows to be away from the snow. Defroster and climate control systems are vital parts as they ensure your safety and comfort.

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